About the Food Intolerance Test

Your Food Intolerance Test will be performed by fully-qualified Food Intolerance Therapist, Kyle Longmuir. Kyle has a number of qualifications across several areas including Sports Nutrition and Nutrition for those with health conditions.

What to expect

Each Food Intolerance Consultation begins with a detailed nutritional analysis of your existing diet. This part of the process is important so that we can assess likely causes of any symptoms you have advised us of.

Your test shall be performed using an electro dermal screening machine which measures your body's resistance against each tested substance. Firstly, you shall be tested with food samples and thereafter with vitamin and mineral samples.

Once your test is complete, you will be issued with your results. Your Food Intolerance Therapist will explain the results to you in detail. At this point you shall be given further information to take away, which will include diet and supplement advice tailored to your intolerance test results.

The process is non-invasive (no needles) and the patient feels no electrical or other unpleasant sensations.

Who is the test for?

The test is safe for all, except those with pace makers. Children must be accompanied by an adult and able to sit for upwards of 20 minutes whilst the test is conducted.

How long does the test take?

Your Food Intolerance Test includes a detailed nutritional analysis which is completed during the initial consultation. Following your Food Intolerance Test we will also undertake testing on Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies and give you the results from these tests too. You will be given tailored diet and supplementary advice and recommendations to take away with you, ready to implement changes to your diet and lifestyle, if any are required of course.

Your consultation and test appointment should last approximately 60 minutes. We appreciate that not all appointments will run to the same time and additional time is given in case it is needed.

What's next?

The normal course of action after a Food Intolerance Test is to start an elimination on your diet. This involves removing the food substances from your diet that your body flagged as being intolerant to. After approximately one month without those substances, the next step is to re-introduce the eliminated substance to test for a reaction.

It takes approximately three months for your organs to heal themselves following periods exposed to substances they're incompatible or intolerant to. However, it is possible that the body will be able to tolerate the previously eliminated substance after one month of avoidance. You will be given further instruction on how to do this properly, during your consultation.

Follow-up and additional Support

FIT Scotland also offer nutrition programming services that are suited for those with fat loss goals, those looking to change their body composition and athletes looking for coaching alongside their competitive sport, to aid successful performance.

You can find further information on these services under 'Nutrition Coaching'

Having learned over the last few years about the power of nutrition, I have developed a passion for educating and helping people with their nutrition. Being a Qualified Food Intolerance Therapist allows me to test my clients, removes the guess work and assists me in guiding clients away from the potential triggers of the symptoms they suffer from. Clients can expect a reduction in their symptoms and issues and in some cases can completely eradicate the symptoms altogether. 

I have experienced first hand the symptoms of food intolerances throughout my life I had a food intolerance test conducted which enabled me to make changes to my diet and lifestyle which has improved my quality of life. This inspired me to help others who struggle with intolerances that affect their day to day lives. 

- Kyle Longmuir, Food Intolerance Therapist