Fat Loss Programme

Confused about nutrition when it comes to fat loss? Do you find yourself following "fad diets" that leave you hungry with unsustainable results? Do you want to learn about fuelling your body correctly with real food, whilst still losing fat?  

Our programme will aim to;

  • Educate the client on the basic nutrition fundamentals
  • Show steady and consistent progress towards your goal
  • Achieve goals whilst obtaining optimal health

Fat Loss Programming

Our Fat Loss package includes; 

Forget the fad diets, become educated and on the right track.

Book now for £120 per person. Consultations typically last 1.5hours and programmes are completed and sent to the client within 72 hours.

Online Coaching & Fat Loss Programming

Our 12-week + Online Coaching blocks are available. Due to the number of slots available, this service is not always available.

Online Coaching Programmes include;

  • Food Intolerance Test and Mineral & Vitamin Deficiency Test
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • Nutrition and Hydration programmes tailored for training, competition and post-competition
  • Work out plans (optional)
  • Weekly progress check-ins
  • Online support
  • Progress tracking
  • Programme tweaking throughout the duration to suit individual needs and progress.

Are you looking for that additional support in working towards your goals?

Book now for £300 per person. Individual pricing is also available for Food Intolerance Testing, Fat Loss Programming and Online Coaching which are also three individual products.

To book your Food Intolerance Test or for further information on our Fat Loss programme, contact our fully-qualified and insured practitioner, Kyle Longmuir on 07786035617 or email hello@fitscotland.co.uk