FIT Scotland's top priority is to help people like you, who suffer from symptomatic health issues caused by food intolerances. We love hearing back from previous clients who have followed our guidance and are now reaping the rewards.

Below are just a few testimonials from our clients.

"I cannot believe the difference! The bloating I had around my stomach disappeared over the course of the month and I felt so much better and had lots more energy. No more afternoon slumps!
I feel better than I've felt in a long time, I have more energy, I have no bloat around my stomach & have visible abdominals.

I'm so glad I did the intolerance testing. I cannot recommend this enough to anyone who suspects they may have a food intolerance. Kyle has been so helpful throughout & is keen to listen & find out how you're getting on & offer advice. Best thing I've done in a long time!" - Kirsty Mckay

"Highly recommended if you are suffering from any form of bloating or gastro issues. I had been suffering for 6 months with severe bloating and cramps, managed through trial and error to narrow it to gluten and wheat. However problems still continued suffered for months trying to figure it out!

If it wasnt for my appointment with Kyle and getting the intolerance test done I'd never have known what it was!

2 weeks later stomach is getting so much flatter and feeling so much more comfortable in my own skin." - David Moreira

"I had an appointment with Kyle a few weeks ago and have had amazing results since would definitely recommend a visit." - Kevin Hanlon